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Universal Foam Cleaning Agent

Opula Universal Foam Cleaning Agent

Opula Universal Foam Cleaning Agent

Opula Universal Foam Cleaning Agent

Protect, clean and remove dirt from your office equipment including computers, copy machines,
and printers, the interior and exterior surfaces of cars, planes, ships and industry
machines, furniture, floors, walls, and ceramic products and more.

- 650ml Opula Foam Cleaner
- Multi-purpose deep cleaner is a non-drip, non-toxic, anti-static foam
- The natural surface cleaning agent with fast penetration and cleaning properties is a powerful dirt removing performer
- Advanced formula for cleaning and degreasing
- Gently eliminates excess dust and debris without scratching
- Non-aerosol cleaner removes fingerprints and smudges without harsh solvents
- Can be used in the office, workshop, vehicle or home
- Ideal for use on office equipment, computers, furniture and upholstery and more
- Leaves an fresh fragrant after use

- May affect some fabrics, test on a small area before general use
- The product is packed with pressure, please do not knock, damage, burn or keep it under intensive sunlight
- Keep away from children

Shake up the cleanser; keep it at a distance of 20cm to 30cm and spray cleanser, directly on the product. Clean using a cleaning cloth.

Universal Foam Cleaning Agent Spray
 Oplua Universal Foam Cleaning Agent Spray

Price Rs. 999/-
Available On Order!


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