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Opula Laptop Screen Cleaning Kit KCL-1015 Pakistan

Opula Computer Screen Cleaning Set (KCL-015)

Price Rs.999/-
Available On Order
Isopropyl alcohol-free
  • Safe for use on LCD surfaces - helps restore and maintain brightness and clarity
  • Ideal for use with flat panel displays, notebook computers, handheld devices, keyboards and more
  • Soft brush gently eliminates excess dust and debris without scratching
  • Non-aerosol cleaner removes fingerprints and smudges without harsh solvents
  • Soft, lint-free micro fiber cloth cleans, dries and polishes for a clear, non-streak finish 
  • It can clean the stubborn dust and dirt on the screen and keyboard effectively.
  • Soft micro fiber cleaning cloth, never leaving any batting while polishing. Smooth, never scratch the Lenses or Camera.
  • Transparent, Non-toxic cleanser, never do harm to you and environment.
  • The strong effect of cleaning lasts a very long time.
Shake up the cleanser, keep it the distance of 20cm or 30cm from LCD screen. Spray cleanser directly on the LCD screen, then clean it with the cleaning cloth smoothly. And you also can spray it to the surface of cleaning cloth, and clean with with the cleaning blush.
Note: Please remove the power plug and battery from laptop while using any type of liquid for cleaning.


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